What is a Business Idea? Find Out if You Have Any

What is a Business Idea? Find Out if You Have Any

Have you ever thought that what a good idea for a new business looks like? or How can I know if this idea can really make it? Well if you had such thoughts and you want to do some idea validation on yours, today is your lucky day cause in this article I’m going to say everything you need to know to understand which idea can actually make a profitable business and which can’t.

One of the most significant steps for you making your way to the top is actually the first one! You have to answer this very first question “What am I doing?”. Yea, I know how you feel right now but let’s see what I mean by that.

Meet Sam

Sam is trying to be an “entrepreneur”. He is waiting for a “wow idea” that makes the next Facebook or the next Apple perhaps! He is always thinking about some sort of super ideas. When he starts to lunch one of his ideas and the challenges begin, he won’t continue and think this is not the idea he was looking for. He faced a lot of failures and waits a lot until he realizes that it’s too late and he is way behind from his friends in his financial life.

What do you think about him? Will he ever makes it? Actually, I don’t think so! Do you know why? Cause these brands and businesses are top 50 businesses in the startup ecosystem and many of us are not Steve Jobs type of person. Well, Sam didn’t make it but does it mean that we can’t? Of course not! The answer is to find out which idea is good enough to start and which isn’t with idea validation.

What is a Business Idea and How to do Idea Validation?

Well, the answer is simple and it’s in the idea validation! Why are you trying to run a business? It’s all about money, isn’t it? The first and most important source for you to earn money in your business is your customers. To earn money from them you have to have two thing. Fist you have to have customers! And second, you need to make them happy with your product which I will discuss this a lot more in the future.

So the most important thing you should consider with your idea validation is to actually have customers, which means that your idea must solve at least a problem for a group of people called your customers. If you find your business an answer to a problem that means you have a good idea and if you are not sure with it, just leave it! There are lots of ideas out there and while you are insisting yours you will not see them, that I can promise.

Let’s Say What is a Business Idea all Together

The difference between a good and a bad idea is just the answer to this simple question “does it solve a problem?”. You have to keep asking your self this question whenever an idea comes to your mind and if the answer is not a certain “yes” just leave it! I know how you might feel and I know that every one of us loves our ideas as our kids but you gonna invest your time, money and energy on something worthy, something that actually matters for others by solving a problem of theirs, that’s what idea validation is all about.

Keep Up Your Way to be an Entrepreneur

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