Idea Screening: Which Idea is Better to Start a Business

Idea Screening: Which Idea is Better to Start a Business

Which Idea Should I choose to Run a Business with?

This might be one of the most and early question you face running your own business as an entrepreneur. I’m going to show you the door to do idea screening and decide between your different good ideas. Remember if you miss this step you can miss your way to success!

First thing first, Let’s say and see that you have two good ideas and potentially successful business opportunities. But you do not know which one to choose. It’s time for idea screening…

The First Idea: An Health Care Blog Called “Thehealth”

Let’s say the first idea is about that you create a health care blog which you want to solve the health problem with some simple tips and tricks in our todays crowded life in. Well, there is obviously a serious problem that you are trying to solve because every second that passes humans are creating more machines to do their jobs so they will do less physical activities and that could harm them. So you have a good idea according to a previous article, congrats! But there is a tiny confusion situation, you have another good idea too and you do not know which one to start. Let’s take a look at the other one.

The Second Idea: A Game Called “Thegame”

This idea is all about entertainment. You want to find a way to make time passing more fun. Well in this idea you are solving a problem too. So this one is a good idea too because people need it for role playing, communication, time passing and many other reasons.

So which one do you think is the better to start? That’s the question I want to answer in this article. That’s what idea screening is all about.

Let’s Choose

Let’s say we are in an imaginary world named Zion like this one that we are in right now but it has 1000 people in it. In Zion there are 500 people that are in danger of health problems and 200 of them know this. In other hand 300 people of Zion have the concept “free time” in their lives and 250 of them are looking for a time passing way.

Can you decide which idea to start now? let me know your opinions in the comments.

Well I think there are still a lot more information needed to decide. Like how many of each group my idea can actually hit on? Or what do they really want from me in the concept of my ideas?

But let’s not make it so complicated and consider that we can hit 200 people for “Thehealth and 250 for “Thegame“. Now it’s much easier to choose which idea to choose.

What are the Factors for Idea Screening?

As you saw earlier, “Thehealth” and “Thegame were in tow different concepts and there is no way for normal people to compare them! But you are not a normal person, you are an entrepreneur. The way to compare ideas and choose one is the basic metrics like market cap, market hit rate, the average interest for a customer and so many other items which my team and I will write about them in future in details. Normally the market cap is one of the most important things in starting a business.

Let me give you an example, consider that you are a programmer and you are considering to write a virus! (please don’t if you are). Will you write it for Windows or for Mac OS? Well if you look at the world around you, you will find that there are mostly for windows. Now you can see why! It’s all about market cap! most of the people in the world are using Windows so it’s more reasonable to cause more people for the same programming time. (is it really?)

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