Marketing Triggers: Introdusing a New Product ASAP

Marketing Triggers: Introdusing a New Product ASAP

What is the purpose of the second part of this book?

It might have occurred to you how companies like Telegram, Instagram or even Facebook miraculously get this much notice, users and of course profit in a really short amount of time. In fact, how can we introduce new products in a short time to our consumers? To answer these questions we should first discuss the importance of marketing triggers in the Hook model.

Marketing Triggers

Pictures, Articles, incidents and actually anything that can encourage someone to do something, are called marketing triggers.

For example, if you want to ask someone to be your consumer, instead of going to the and bluntly asking them “ will you be our consumer? “ we should use marketing triggers so that said consumer chooses us.

So what are triggers in businesses? And how can we use them?

External Marketing Triggers

External marketing triggers are usually used for gaining new users/costumers. Since they are expensive, they are not commonly used for keeping users interested.

The reasoning behind their name is that they influence environment not people’s feelings.

The first familiar marketing triggers that come to mind are billboards and advertisements in webpages. These kinds of marketing triggers are useful for gaining users short term. But in longterm they are so expensive that they can even bankrupt companies like Facebook!

Another type of external trigger is one we’ve witnessed a million times! It’s when a clip or picture goes viral all over the Internet and you see it everywhere. It teases the user and makes an itch to find more about it. Of course they are really hard to make because you have to make sure it goes viral and gets people excited for what comes next. This part needs psychological studies on the target market, which makes it more difficult and time consuming too. 

The third type of external trigger is based on relationships. These marketing triggers work when your friend excitedly recommends a new website. She/he has found. In fact, all the people recommending your service to each other are acting as your marketing team only because of human nature. A trait that makes people want to share their new experiences.

Internal Marketing Triggers

Now let’s say you’ve gained a noticeable amount of users who have checked out your service or product at least once. Next step for you is to make them your loyal costumer! And the keys to this are internal marketing triggers or as we all know them “feelings”.

Successful businesses try to tie their product with our unfavorable sentiments. You might wonder why on earth a company might want this; well the answer is the human brain. Because of the rapid functioning of human brain, we usually prefer fast or even bad decision to no decisions at all! So when confronting a bad feeling it will catches the first way out as soon as possible to get away from said feeling faster.

For example Instagram invests in your fear! Yes, fear of losing scenery, memory or even a sensation!

Last but not least

Lastly you might question  how we can find internal marketing triggers for our own businesses? Answering this question isn’t as hard as it seems. You only have to put yourself in your consumer’s position and keep asking yourself “why?” until you reach a feeling as your answer. For example an answer like “because I’m afraid of losing time” or “because I’m lazy”.

This method is called 5 whys because you’ll usually get your answer in less than 5 questions. It’s really fascinating to know that companies as big as Toyota use this method for promoting their products.

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