Hooked Model: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Hooked Model: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

What is the Purpose of the First Part of this book?

In this article, I’m going to discuss the importance of the Hooked model and the part it plays in new products and businesses around us.

An Interesting Statistics

79% of people who own a smart phone check their devices in the morning within the first 15 minutes! Even more amusing is that 1/3 of Americans prefer not having sex to not having their phones!

A university study in 2011 showed that people check their phones 34 times a day. Although some professionals in this field believe this number is about 150 times a day, which is really jaw-dropping!

Let’s Be Honest, We Are All Victims of Hooked Model!

The technologies we use daily if not addictive are at very least habit forming.

You only want to check twitter or Facebook for a minute and the next thing you know is that you have been spending 1-hour scrolling through everything in there.

Psychologists explain habits as thoughts with little or no conscious. Technologies and products we use on daily basis can influence our day-to-day life with forming new habits. And that is exactly what developers and these business owners want. These companies have mastered the art and science of habit.

Now the question is what makes these products addictive?

Attachment Is the Key in hooked model!

For many products, developing attachment is the key to success. Since there are many things that can attract our attention and actually hold it, these companies try to keep their product’s place on our minds. Now a days collecting millions of users isn’t enough. As we move forward more companies come to believe that their finance value depends strongly on the power of the habits they form. Companies should figure out how to get their user’s loyalty with a product that is frequently used. As saying goes they should find out how to make the users “click”. 

Successful Examples

Although this concept is some how new to many companies, there are ones who are already really successful and profitable. Like the examples used in this book which make their product a part of the consumer’s life.

Successful products use hooked model over and over again to reach their main goal, which is involving users and leading them to use the product frequently without spending a lot of money on advertisement.

We’ll look more closely to this model and how it works in our next article.

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