Habit Testing: Are You Successful in Marketing?

Habit Testing: Are You Successful in Marketing?

What is the purpose of the final article from this book?

Now that we went through all of the steps from hook model, it’s time to learn how to use this model with the help of habit testing.

Habit Testing Cycle

Habit testing is in fact born from Eric Ries’s mindset in his best-selling book “ The Lean Startup”. In habit testing cycle we use three steps; Identify, Codify and Modify to bring our products closer to being habit forming and becoming a part of our users’ life. Now let’s discuss each step in details.

Habit Testing First Step, Identify

In this step you should understand what does a habitual and active user means in your business. For example an active user on Instagram checks this application several times a day. But for a hairdresser an active user is one who goes there once a month. You should analyze your users and your product in order to figure out the meaning of habitual user for your business.

Now let’s say you found your habitual users. How can you use this information? What’s its importance? When you find your information, you must find out how many of your users had formed the habit you triggered for. If it’s less than 5% then there is a problem somewhere with your work! First you should search for the problem and solve it. But if they are more than 5%, you’re good to go to the next step, the Codify.

Habit Testing Second Step, Codify

In this step you should study your users’ behavioral pattern to find out how they became hooked to your product. Of course each person’s behavior is different than the other. But the chances are that you will find a strong pattern (habit path) among all of them. With finding this pattern you can go to the next step, the Modify.

Habit Testing Third Step, Modify

In this step you should modify your product/service and try to emphasize the pattern in last step on it. Encourage the users to go in the habit path and make the whole process easier for them.

Last But Not Least

Now you and your product are equipped and empowered with the hook model. You should keep in mind that this model, like many others, could be used badly and goodly. But if you’re willing to use your product/service and be hooked to it yourself, then before congratulating you we like to mention that you can always count on our team for further help.

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