How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or you are self-employed and you are about to launch your own business, you need to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive. It can help you gain a ton of attention from users, audiences, and potential customers all over the world.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 4 easy and practical ways that will help you to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive. So let’s get right into it:

Think Simple

It’s important to seek for ideas everywhere and every second but it is more important to think simple. Simple but useful! If you take a look around, you will find many simple (and useful) ideas that made it to the top like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Alibaba, and even Google! The market still needs a lot of these kinds of successful ideas and that’s your chance to create and run the next unicorn.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action: Think Simple

For example, try to find a way to make your every morning wakeup easier or more enjoyable. I read about a pillow that had some kind of lights in it and it slowly turned the lights on so you wake up easier and without that annoying sound of the alarms! Did you see what I was trying to tell you? The idea behind it is pretty simple. That’s the way to create stunning products and it still works!

Go Crazy

Do not anything let you that an idea will not make it. Even if you think “that’s crazy”, it doesn’t mean that the idea you are thinking about can’t make it. So you have no limit in thinking of a new idea, not even the technical limits! Because sooner or later those limited won’t exist and you can be the first one to try your idea.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action: Go Crazy

Let me tell you a true story about Stanford. Tina Seelig gives her entrepreneurship students at Stanford two pieces of paper, a green one and a red one. She asks them to write their best idea in the green one and the worst idea they can think to create a business with, in the red one. After that, she throws the green papers away and gives each student one of the red papers randomly and ask them to create a real business with that idea! So be brave and go crazy.

Write Down Your Ideas

Write every single one of your ideas, this can help you to check them every single time that you want to run a business in order to choose the best idea of your own according to your situation at that time. I personally have a notebook even next to my bed so I don’t miss if I come up with an idea at night! You can also use notes from your cellphone.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action: Write Down Your Ideas

There is a possibility for you to come up with an idea every single moment so write it down at that very moment. Believe me when I say “at that very moment” because if you decide to write it later, you might forget your chance forever! So do NOT let that happen.


Ask whenever you want and about whatever you want. Don’t feel shy and don’t let anything to stop you. Because you can understand and find new ideas in talking to people and asking them about their business, lifestyle, and etc. Ask, ask, and ask again.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ask

Be a good listener in your conversations and out your self in other people’s shoes. Then ask them if anything can help them or ask them to talk more about the subject. That’s the way to spot potential business ideas.


In this article, we took a tour in 4 ways to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive. These 4 tips were thinking simple to find an easy-to-start business, go crazy in thinking and don’t let anything to limit your imaginations, writing down your ideas in order to not miss any potential successful business chance and finally asking about everything and anything you are curious about.

How many of these tips are your using in your nowadays lifestyle?

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