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Who we are

Turning today’s learners into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs!

We believe that the academical entrepreneurship courses are not good, they are fantastic! But if someone really wants to be an entrepreneur, he/she should do a learn a little more! That’s why we are here! That is to make sure you’ll at least learn what a young entrepreneur should know.

That’s why our courses have:

01. Practical examples

Because it’s not personal, it’s business!

03. Private groups discussions

All of our learners will get an invitations to the private groups exclusively for future entrepreneurs with our mentors in it so they can get the most of it!

02. personalized exercises

Just by doing the exercises, you will end up with the actual results in your business! 

04. 24/7 Email support

At last but not the least, our top priority is our learners and it’s our duty to make sure they feel safe with us.


Years of experience

We had studied 17 startups in details and talked to tons of managers, business owners and serial entrepreneurs for years to develop these courses with both quality and agility to learn!

Our courses

How to be an entrepreneur

99$ (5 weeks)

marketing for entrepreneurs

199$ (4 weeks)

finance for entrepreneurs

249$ (2 weeks)

Our facts

We released our courses in 2020, here are the results so far:

Learning Prorammes
number of succeed startups by our learners
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This is what matters the most!

Perfect Teachers

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Fast and effective

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Sarah Johnson

Great imagination

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