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startup quotes

Top 7 Startup Quotes You Should Know First

Startup Quotes for Creating a New Business As a result of human developments, startups are rising every day, because the old way of marketing and selling is going to extinct in the near future. therefore we are telling you that you should get updated to the new form of marketing so you wouldn’t get out …

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quotes about ideas

Top 7 Quotes About Ideas You Should Know

Have you ever thought what’s the difference between you and successful or wealthy people? There are many things that we should consider, but the most important metric is ideas. Ideas are money in your head. You should learn how to use them in order to create your own ideas. that’s why we gathered 7 inspirational …

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motivational quotes

Top 7 Motivational Quotes by Successful People

Motivational Quotes by successful people: We all know that there are some people who are wealthier and more respect in society than us. We call them successful people. But why they got successful? Fortunately, I’m here to give you the top 7 inspirational and motivational quotes by successful people. History always showed us that we …

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entrepreneur characteristics

Entrepreneur Characteristics: The 6 Key Features

If you were God, how would you create entrepreneurs? What are the entrepreneur characteristics in your point of view? In this article I’m going to tell you the recipe, keep reading to find out. How God created entrepreneurs? Well, he simply used some special ingredients to create an entrepreneur. I’m going to tell you the …

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types of entrepreneurship

The 3+1 Types of Entrepreneurship

In this article, I’m going to talk about different types of entrepreneurship. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have an acceptable vision about entrepreneurship and different types of it. Types of Entrepreneurship: 1. Innovators Innovators are the type of entrepreneurship that every single person in the world can wish for. …

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idea screening

Idea Screening: Which Idea is Better to Start a Business

Which Idea Should I choose to Run a Business with? This might be one of the most and early question you face running your own business as an entrepreneur. I’m going to show you the door to do idea screening and decide between your different good ideas. Remember if you miss this step you can …

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business opportunity

Find Your Business Opportunity Right Here Right Now!

So you want to run your own business. What would be the first step? Well, it would be a good idea. One good enough to be capable of making your way to the top. But how can you find a good and potentially successful business opportunity? In this article, I’m going to show you the …

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what is a business idea

What is a Business Idea? Find Out if You Have Any

Have you ever thought that what a good idea for a new business looks like? or How can I know if this idea can really make it? Well if you had such thoughts and you want to do some idea validation on yours, today is your lucky day cause in this article I’m going to …

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lean startup advantage

The Lean Startup Advantage: Less Costs More Profit

Once I was talking to a good friend of mine named Tony about launching his own business. He was trying to launch an online education website. I was suggesting him to start with an MVP and use the lean startup advantage that makes the progress according to costumers feedbacks. But he was completely against me! …

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what is MVP

What is MVP: Minimum Viable Product

The Minimum Valuable Product or Minimum Viable Product that is also known as MVP is a concept in the revolutionary lean startup methodology designed by Eric Ries. I don’t want to discuss the history and the story of this in this article. I want to show you what is MVP and how you can use …

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Habit Testing
in Hooked

Habit Testing: Are You Successful in Marketing?

What is the purpose of the final article from this book? Now that we went through all of the steps from hook model, it’s time to learn how to use this model with the help of habit testing. Habit Testing Cycle Habit testing is in fact born from Eric Ries’s mindset in his best-selling book …

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User Investment
in Hooked

User Investment: Make Your Users Coming Back

What is the purpose of the fifth article from this book? Now that you attracted your users attention with triggers. Encouraged them to take action and use your service/product and offered them variable rewards; what happens next? What is the long-term plan? The answer is in the hands of user investment! User Investment All the …

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variable Rewards
in Hooked

Variable Rewards: How to Make Your Users Loyal

What is the purpose of the fourth part of this book? In this article, I’m going to discuss the rewards your product/service provides for your consumer. With variable rewards you’re never sure if you’ll end up empty handed or not. You don’t have control over getting a reward. The anticipation though increases the dopamine levels …

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